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UMD Students Push for Participation in November Election

student association
UMD Student Association members register student voters on National Voter Registration Day.

* October 14: Pre-Registration Deadline
* November 4: General Election

As election day approaches, UMD college students are encouraging their classmates and friends to get out and vote. Students must be pre-registered by October 14 to be listed in the voting rolls for the November 4 election.  Students can also register on Election Day. The polls open at UMD at 7 am and close at 8 pm.

Representatives from the Student Association and the UMD student chapter of the Minnesota Public Interest Research Group (MPIRG) are only two of the many organizations working on getting students registered.
These groups want people to be more engaged in the political process and motivated to take part in making history.

During National Voter Registration Day on September 23, students expressed interest in a list of issues. Topping the list was college affordablility and a tuition freeze. Human rights, women's rights and equality issues were often mentioned, as were the environment, sustainability, and clean water. Some discussed an initiative to ban the purchase of goods made in sweatshops. Others talked about curbing violence.

The overwhelming opinion was that voting matters. Students who are interested in working on voter registration campaigns at UMD are invited to contact the MPIRG office, Steve Wick, MPIRG campus organizer, UMD,, 612-501-0269, and Student Association,, 218-726-7178.

UMD Voter Registration Information || || UMD Student Association || || MPIRG

UMD Students on the Issues and Importance of Voting

Alek Katie Manny

“Students are large population and if they all vote, they can make a huge difference in the future.” --- Alek Mintz, junior, electrical engineering.

“I care about social justice and ethics in government. People who are elected today, tomorrow, and next year are the people who are setting up your future and your kids’ future." --- Kati Thompson, sophomore, political science major.. “In our community, we have many student activists. They are working to fight against sexual assault and for a more sustainable future. Voting can help make the changes we want to see." --- Manny Houle, junior, music major.
Nate Nate-mpirg Alexandrou

“College affordability is very important.” --- Nate Borth, junior, political science.

"Clean water, women’s rights, and workers’ rights matter to me the most. When half the population doesn't have opportunities, we lose the brilliant minds that could be solving problems and inventing things.” --- Nate Twedt, social work major. “Everyone should make sure they represent themselves by voting. My top concerns for this election are keeping tuition from going up and equal rights for women.” --- Kalli Alexandrou, senior, marketing.

MPIRG's 25 active members are grabbing their clip boards and taking the voting message out of their office. They can be seen staffing tables in Kirby Student Center and and talking to people in the bus hub, clip board in hand. "Before the October 14 preregistration cut off, MPIRG is trying to get as many students registered as we can," said Steve Wick, MPIRG UMD Campus Organizer. "Our goal is 2700 students." They have registration forms for people to fill out and all the info students need to vote. They are especially working to reach all of the students who live on campus.

Story by Dayae Kim and Cheryl Reitan. Photos by Dayae Kim, September, 2014

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