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Secrets Beneath the Surface

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The Ice-Covered Geology of Antarctica


John Goodge on ice

John Goodge, above. National Science Foundation video, below.

University of Minnesota Duluth Department of Geological Sciences presents:

John Goodge, Professor of Geological Sciences

"Revealing the Ice-Covered Geology of Antarctica by Proxy Sampling, Geophysical Imaging, and Deep Drilling,"

3:30 p.m. on December 5

175 Life Science Building at UMD

In this presentation John Goodge will share insights on the evolution of the East Antarctic shield, the ancient continental crust that lies under about three-quarters of Antarctica and that is now covered by ice. Goodge and his colleagues are using advanced technological methods to find out the secrets beneath the surface.

They are looking for information about the relationship between Antarctica, Australia, and North America and are trying to better understand crustal evolution of the East Antarctic shield. The data come from aeromagnetic surveys, where variations in Earth’s magnetic field are measured with high-precision magnetometers flown in a helicopter or airplane. They are also sampling glacial deposits as proxies for the ice-covered areas. Finally, Goodge's most recent adventure involves building a drilling rig that can traverse across the ice, gathering core samples far beneath the surface over a wide area.

Goodge has conducted 11 research expeditions to Antarctica since 1985. During his most recent expedition in January, 2011, he traveled to the Transantarctic Mountains in the continent’s remote interior and sent back his progress to the New York Times’ online Scientist at Work series. 

For information on the event, contact Laura Chapin at , 218-726-8385,

Top photo by Jeff Vervoort. Story by Cheryl Reitan, December, 2013.

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